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I offer three services to enhance your natural brows. 

Powder Brows, Shading Brows


A machine with a tiny needle gently shades a powder like look using pigment that’s inserted by using back and forth motion of the needle that just just touches the skin  with a flick motion. Numerous layers are done in order to add depth and density and to ensure it lasts and heals evenly. This should easily last up to 3 years. This gives you a more solid powder look and works on all skin types. If you have oily skin this is great for you.

Combo Brows, Brows


Hair like strokes are drawn onto your own brows using a tool that consists of 11 tiny needles. They insert pigment underneath your skin, giving you a more natural looking brow. Then a machine is used to gently insert shading in the middle of the brow to create density in the brow.


This procedure requires a touch up around 8 weeks. Can last up to 3 years.

Microblading, Brows


Hair like strokes are drawn onto your own brows using a tool that consists of 11 tiny needles. They insert pigment underneath your skin, giving you a more natural looking brow. Preferably for normal to dry skin types.


This procedure requires a touch up around 6 - 8 weeks. Can last anything between 1 & 3 years.

Who is NOT elligible for the procedure?

Diabetic - would need a doctors note, does not always heal well

Pregnant or nursing

Keloids - can run a test patch

Need to wait 2 weeks post botox

Chemotherapy - wait two months post chemo

Autoimmune diseases - doctors note

Super mature skin - thin, soft, wrinkly skin

Overworked, oversaturated previous work

Before Procedure Instructions

6 weeks before & after - no needling, face peels ect

24 hours before - no alcohol or coffee/tea, intense exercising.

No pain medication that thins your blood

No need to pluck and shape brows

Specify if you are on any medication

No microblading allowed while pregnant or breastfeeding

No retinal or vitamin A 3 days before procedure

You need to advise if you are on any medication.

Send photo of brows if you have had prior work done

Aftercare Instructions

That evening wash hands, then soak cotton pad with lukewarm water, squeeze all water out, then gently wipe brows in one direction don't rub. Then wait 24 hours after procedure to apply your aftercare ointment and wipe over brows. Always wipe with the cotton pad before applying the ointment. For the first 10 days avoid water, make-up, sweat, sun, touching ect near brows. Normal for brows to scab, become lighter, look patchy for the first 2 weeks. Avoid exposing brows to the sun for the first 2 weeks, apply sunblock after 10 days. Important to book your touch up between 6- 8 weeks after initial procedure. Please avoid needling or any invasive facials for after every procedure for 4 weeks

Please don't book any big functions within the first 2 weeks after the procedure

Please do not be concerned if the colour looks patchy and very light after the scabs come off, as the colour will heal to the surface in the 4 weeks healing period, as the skin heals inside.

The following MUST be avoided for full 10 days healing period. (Could be longer if you heal slow or have deeper wounds):

Increased Sweating Swimming Hot Sauna, Steam Rooms Sun Bathing or Tanning Beds Any Laser or Chemical Treatments and/or Peels Using creams containing RetinA, Glycol Acid, or Renova DO NOT touch, pick, peel or scratch the sacbs or micro blade area!! Excessive drinking, which can cause loss of pigment and longer healing time.

Please apply sunnlock over the brows when exposed to sun AFTER the 10 healing days are done




Procedure - R1500.00

Touch Up - R900


Procedure - R1300.00

Touch Up - R700.00


Procedure - R1200.00

Touch Up - R800

Brow Tint & Shape


Will last 4 weeks

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