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12 wedding day beauty tips you have to know before your big day arrives!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

One of the most special days in any woman’s life has to be her wedding day. We choose our bridesmaids, pick our color scheme and we’ve even been fantasizing about Prince Charming from the time we could walk. For some of us, all roads lead to the most magical day of our lives—the day we say, “I do.”

A bride’s wedding day is the perfect occasion to shine. Of course, she wants to look gorgeous but she also wants to be radiant, confident, sexy and demure. Remember, all eyes are on the bride on this very special day, and it’s important for her to exude confidence without a worry in the world. This beauty will be captured in memories and photographs that will last a lifetime.

Set Up an Appointment With Your Dermatologist

The biggest skincare mistake brides make is forgetting about their complexion until just before the wedding, Make sure to start caring for your skin six months before your wedding so you feel confident your skin will be glowing for the big day.

Learn from the Pros

To do it yourself? Or book an artist? That is arguably the most pressing wedding makeup question of them all.

To put it simply, a makeup artist can take away that added bit of stress that you don't need on your big day,

We often find when our brides are having their makeup applied it is a peaceful timeout for them and can be a welcome dose of calm. Your makeup artist will be experienced in making you look great and feel confident on and off camera and will also be using tried and tested, long-lasting waterproof products. We are not only the bride’s personal makeup artists but a helping hand on the day (and sometimes a shoulder to cry on!)”

Aim to look yourself

The most important thing is for a bride to feel comfortable and confident on her wedding day. However, I suggest avoiding incorporating any trends into your final look. We tend to advise against trends: you run the risk of it appearing dated when looking back at your photos in years to come. So unless you’re a real fashionista and looking to capture a trend at the time of your wedding, we would suggest steering clear. It's important that your makeup should be a reflection of your personal style. My aim when getting a bride ready is to make her still feel like herself, but the most beautiful she's felt. There's no point in doing a full smokey eye or a flick liner and a red lip if you're a nudes kind of girl. You're wedding day isn't the time to take risks.

Consider False Eye Lashes

While false lashes aren’t a necessity, but they can really help to accentuate a bride’s eyes.

This doesn’t mean you need to wear incredibly long false eyelashes if that’s not your style, I find most brides I work with definitely go for a more natural approach, but I would highly recommend a natural looking false eyelash,

Photographers focus first and foremost on a brides eyes in photos so having a slightly longer or fuller lash will really accentuate your look.

Hair Styling

If time and budget permit, hire a professional hair stylist for the day. Meet with the stylist a week or two prior to the wedding for a practice run, and don’t forget to bring your veil with you and even a photo of your gown. Take pictures of your hair during the practice run so you can see what you will look like from all angles. You may see an opportunity to add a hair accessory or quick change up for the reception. Wash your hair the day before—not on the morning of your wedding. The extra oils and product that are left lingering in your hair only help your style (especially your curls) stay put and last longer. When hair is freshly clean, it won’t hold a style as long.

Put the Tweezers Down

We've all been guilty of over-plucking, but now is the time to seriously put the tweezers down and give up the threading and waxing. Why? When you over-pluck, you lose all of your natural arch shape, which can change your facial expression altogether. Every bride needs a good aesthetician to whip those brows into shape before the big day, "For a classic approach to brow-shaping, you want to find brows that fit your face—brows should be a mirror of your facial features. That’s how they start to bring balance to the entire face and eyes."

Book a Makeup Trial

Always book a trial with your makeup artist, and don’t hesitate to bring images of your dream makeup and vision, “Voice your feedback at the trial. If you don’t like a lip color, tell your makeup pro. We want you to feel confident and look beautiful on your wedding day. If you’ve booked an artist who doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, run out the door! A seasoned pro is all ears and wants you to feel happy. If we think your vision won’t be flattering on you, we’ll tell you and go from there.”

Sleep Is Everything

Beauty sleep is absolutely necessary. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, dark circles, break out. Make sure you at least sleep 8 to 10 hours a day. Following these will make sure that you look your best on the big day. Once you feel good don’t let it go, maintain that glow.

Even after the wedding do get your facials done regularly.

Make time for yourself and love yourself.

Avoid using any new product without testing.

Do not skip meals.

Also most important of all remember- beauty has to come from inside, keep your mind happy- automatically your body will follow.

Touch up bag

Pack a “quick fix” bag for the reception. Be sure to bring along some touch-up makeup, nail polish in your shade of the day, deodorant, mints for quick breath freshening, and even a pair of comfy shoes or an extra pair of nylons in case you get a run. Pack anything you can think of that can help reduce any last minute worry or stress to help keep your perfect day on track.


Hair & Makeup should not take longer than three hours. Discuss these times with your hair and makeup artist so everyone is on the same page and they can bring enough artists for your bridal party. Factor in the Mothers, Grandmothers, Flower Girls, Personal Attendants and any other special people that may want hair and makeup. Three hours provides ample time for hair and makeup, but also not too long of time for everyone to get bored.

Hands & Feet

Hands and feet are those parts of the body which we often tend to neglect. But they are as important as the face. When you dance or hold your husband’s hand you don’t want him to think your hand feels like an old tree.

One of the best ways to take care of the skin on your hands and feet is to apply olive oil before going to bed, especially those who have dry skin this remedy will work miracles for you trust me.

Apart from that make sure you get regular manicure and pedicure done. It’s ok if you don’t find time to go to a salon all you need to do is soak your feet while bathing and rub off the dead skin cells with a pumice stone.

Note: On the big day keep your nails polished and fresh, I recommend nude colours or a classic gel french manicure.

Gulp Up

Nobody tends to drink enough water and while this is the oldest trick in the book, it’s there for a reason. Water is the answer to youthful, fresh, glowy skin. It clears the skin of toxins and keeps it plump and hydrated, as well as helping to keep spots at bay.

Try to get at least 1-2 litres a day (especially in the run-up to your wedding).

Photo by - The Lightbulb Photography

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